Volunteer Roles



Antioch Performing Arts Boosters 




Executive Board



Vice Presidents (Art and Visual Arts, Band, Choir, Orchestra, Theater)




Non-Executive Positions and Committees


Alumni Chair

Gathers and maintains contact information for prior students and parents in database. Sends communications to alumni. Invites alumni to events and fundraisers.

APAB Representative

Serves as liaison between Sequoit Pride and APAB.


Plans and oversees concessions and “shout outs” (e.g. flowers) at Fine Arts events. Purchases any drinks, food, and supplies for the event. Coordinates volunteers. Manages cash drawer. Collects money and provides to Treasurer for deposit.

Fundraising / Development Chair

Selects and plans fundraising activities for the year. Serves as liaison to the vendors, Board, Members, and students. Compiles and distributes the orders. Collects money and prepares the deposit for the Treasurer. Prepares financial reports as necessary.

Fundraising Committee                                                                                     

Supports the Fundraising / Development Chair with various activities throughout the year including student sales and local business fundraisers. 


Plans and oversees the annual membership drive. Prepares promotional materials. Coordinates with Webmaster, ACHS, and printer for distribution. Collects and stores member information. Coordinates and attends various membership events

Programs / Playbill

Solicits sponsors for the Fine Arts programs to be used for the concerts and playbill for the theater performances throughout the year. Generates sponsorships for each show from parents and attendees. Coordinates with businesses and printer/designer to print content and collect payments. 


Coordinates communication of Fine Arts events with local media, website, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Maintain the APAB website material. 


Coordinates scholarship opportunities for Fine Arts students from APAB funds. Communicates the scholarship opportunities and selection criteria to students. Identifies external scholarship opportunities for students for private lessons, extracurricular groups, and/or summer camps. 

Special Events Chair

Serves as overall chair for special events during the year. Plans schedule of events and establishes committees for each. Advises event committees and attends planning meetings and special events.


Jazz Night

Sharing is Caring


Volunteer Coordinator

Organizes volunteer activities. Collects and maintains contact information and volunteer skills and interests in a database. Coordinates with APAB Board and committees to determine the appropriate number of volunteers/hours required and approach to solicit volunteers.

APAB reserves the right the change the non-executive volunteers based on needs.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

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