Student Account Forms

If you/your student has graduated with a balance in his/her account, print and complete this form to transfer the remaining balance.

Student Account Transfer Request


If you would like to request funds from your/your student's account for an approved* expense, print and complete this form.

Request for Funds from Student Account


*Guidelines for use of Student Account Funds*

Funds from Individual Student Accounts may only be used for fine arts related activities/expenses while the student is attending ACHS. Some examples of appropriate expense are:

When a student graduates, there are three options available for any remaining balance:

1.  Request that the balance be transferred to a younger sibling attending ACHS who is/will be active in the fine arts.

2.  Request that the balance be transferred to another student currently attending ACHS who is active in the fine arts.

3.  Request that the balance be transferred to the APAB general fund to support the fine arts department and the APAB scholarship given annually.

Only scholarship money may be given to the student upon graduation for them to use for college and college related expenses.



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